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Phrasal verbs. Verbos frasales.

Verbos frasales. Phrasal verbs are very common in English, especially in more informal contexts. They are made up of a verb and a particle or, sometimes, two particles. The particle often changes the meaning of the verb. Los verbos frasales son my comunes en inglés, especialmente en contextos nformales. Están compuestos de un verbo y …

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Sustainable Development Goal 3. “Say no to drugs”

Objetivo de Desarrollo Sostenible 3. “Di no a las drogas” Dear friends, This week I have been discussing with my students of First Year of Bachillerato the topic that emerged: “Should cannabis be legalised or not?”. Recent years have seen substantial shifts in cultural attitudes towards marijuana for medical and recreational use, but, anyway you …

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Sustainable Development Goal 3. Olivia Lewis and “Covid in India”

Dear friends, Good morning with happiness! Today I am going to share with you a Power Point Presentation that our English Language Assistant, Olivia Lewis, prepared for us on the topic “Covid in India”. As you may already know, the Bilingual Staff of IES Huelin are working this year within the framework of the “Sustainable …

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Music and happiness. Powerpoint by Olivia Lewis.

Dear Friends, Last week Olivia Lewis, our English Language Assistant spoke to our pupils about music and happiness. She would like to share with all of you the Power Point she used in her interesting and useful dissertation. Estimados amigos: La semana pasada Olivia Lewis, nuestra Auxiliar de Conversación de Inglés habló con nuestros alumnos …

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William Wordsworth: “Written in March”

William Wordsworth was born in Cockermouth in West Cumberland in the northern part of the English Lake District. In 1787 he went to St John’s College, Cambridge, graduating from there in 1791. He then decided to spend a year in France, where he became a fervent supporter of the French Revolution. His precarious financial situation …

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Message in a bottle. Mensaje en una botella.

Just a castaway, an island lost at sea, oh Another lonely day, with no one here but me, oh More loneliness than any man could bear Rescue me before I fall into despair, oh I’ll send an S.O.S to the world I’ll send an S.O.S to the world I hope that someone gets my I …

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Timelines. Ejes cronológicos

  Dear friends, You may have wondered what the yellow lines on the walls of our High School are. They are a motivating educational tool that the Bilingual Staff of the School are using so as to display some projects of our students. Estimados amigos: Puede que os hayáis preguntado qué son las líneas amarillas …

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May the fourth be with you

  Que el cuatro / la fuerza te acompañe. Dear friends, Yesterday was the 4th of May, and we have found on Wikipedia some information about “Star Wars Day”. Queridos amigos: Ayer fue el 4 de mayo y hemos encontrado en Wikipedia alguna información sobre el “Día de la Guerra de las Galaxias”. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Wars_Day Star …

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Some tips for Selectividad

Algunos consejos para Selectividad Dear friends, I would like to share with you some tips that may be useful to you when it comes down to writing a Selectividad essay. I hope you will like them.  Have a good day! Bye for now! Estimados amigos: Me gustaría compartir con vosotros alguna información que puede seros …

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Official Schools of Languages. Escuelas Oficiales de Idiomas

Dear friends, Our colleagues of the Official Schools of Languages send us this very useful information about their activities. I obviously cannot but recommend them and I know the way the work from the horse’s mouth. Estimados amigos: Nuestros compañeros de las Escuelas Oficiales de Idiomas nos mandan esta información muy útil sobre sus actividades. …

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