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Christmas cards

Some students from the third year of E.S.O. (3º E.S.O. A) have made these christmas cards on which you can find a message inside. Algunos estudiantes de 3º E.S.O. A han elaborado estas tarjetas de navidad, las cuales contienen un mensaje en su interior.

Happy Halloween!

Students from the second year of E.S.O. (2º E.S.O. A) have made a Halloween activity in their Technology and English classes. They have built an enchanted town with scary houses and spooky Jack-o’-lanterns. Los alumnos de 2º de E.S.O. A han hecho una actividad en las asignaturas de Tecnología e Inglés que ha consistido en …

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Collaborative projects in Technology-3rd E.S.O.

Students from the third year of E.S.O. have made some projects in Technology that represent the main economic activities in the eight Andalusian provinces. Los alumnos de 3º de E.S.O. han elaborado proyectos que representan las principales actividades económicas en las ocho provincias de Andalucía.                      …

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Collaborative projects in Technology- 2nd E.S.O.

Students from the second year of E.S.O. have made some projects in Technology, using recycled materials, in which they show how chain effects work. Los alumnos de 2º de E.S.O. han realizado proyectos que muestran cómo funcionan los efectos encadenados. Para ello, han usado materiales reciclados.        

Il Lamento della Ninfa

This video, made by some students from the second year of E.S.O., is about a text dramatization of a madrigal, which is a profane vocal composition that appeared in the Renaissance. Its title is Il Lamento della Ninfa, whose author is Claudio Monteverdi. A nymph laments her lost love while three spectators feel sorry for …

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West Side Story

Last January, the Music Department organised an activity in which some of our second-year of E.S.O. students went to the cinema Yelmo Vialia in order to watch the musical film West Side Story.  The film was shown in English with subtitles in Spanish. The aims of this activity were the following:  letting students listen to a …

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Getting to know our city

        Los alumnos de los grupos bilingües de 3º de ESO (A y B) han realizado un proyecto de investigación a través del cual se han acercado a diferentes aspectos del patrimonio de nuestra ciudad: – Patrimonio natural, con el estudio de distintas especies  vegetales  del Parque de Málaga. – Patrimonio industrial, …

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The Animal Kingdom

During the second term, the students in first year ESO bilingual have been working on a project called The Animal Kingdom. The subjects participating in this project were: Geography and History, Biology and Geology, Music, English and French. The students have synthesised the concepts studied in the unit of «Climates and landscapes» through a series of posters done in …

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The Life of a Peasant in the Middle Ages

  The Second Year Bilingual Students have been studying the Medieval Ages in Europe and each had to make a comic to reinforce what they have been learning. The comics were written about two different aspects of the Middle Ages. Students had to write a comic which studied either:  The difficult conditions that the medieval …

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Excursión 3º ESO A y B por la Ruta del Patrimonio Industrial Huelin

Last monday, march 13th 2017, students of the bilingual groups 3º ESO A y B went along the Industrial heritage of Huelin neighbourhood ROUTE. We started at 9:30 from the Secondary School towards the Railway Station and came back for the last class at about 14:00 Download leaflet with information of the route At each …

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