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What is the origin of universe? Will it have an end? Is there life (or anything) after death? What is the meaning of life? Why am I who I am and what makes me different from others? Why do I have to obey the rules? If you have ever asked yourself some or many of …

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Curso de Arduino)

CURSO ARDUINO pinchar aquí Arduino es un sistema, no una sola placa. Es una plataforma de hardware libre, basada en una placa con un microcontrolador y un entorno de desarrollo (IDE, Integrated Development Environment), diseñada para facilitar el uso de la electrónica en proyectos multidisciplinares. Manual de Programación de Arduino Estructura de un Sketch Variables …

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And the winner is…….

We would like to thank all the students who have participated in  our first Plurilingual Christmas Carol Competition. There have been many wonderful cards and the jury has found it very difficult to decide on the two best ones. Both content and creativity have been taken into consideration, and finally we have decided to award …

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Obituary to Leonard Cohen

On November 7, one of the most relevant and influential singers of the 20th century died. Leonard Cohen was born on September 21 (1934), he was a Canadian singer, songwriter, poet, novelist, and painter. His work mostly explored religion, politics, isolation sexuality and personal relationships. He received a lot of awards like for example: Prince …

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Christmas Activities

christmas-sheet-for-children Attached you have: Three video advertisement- Marks and Spencer, Heathrow Airport and Sainsbury´s about Mog the Cat. The cut outs for the ordering the film activity, although I´ll leave these in culture folder in the English office. The activity sheet for Mog´s Christmas Calamity. Lesson instruction pdf, but I have adapted these for class. The …

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Christmas Card Competition

Horror Activities on Halloween

Los días 2, 3 y 4 de noviembre llevamos a cabo differentes actividades que siguiendo la tradición de la celebración de Halloween, se realizan como animación a la lectura en la biblioteca de nuestro Centro. Como parte del curriculo integrado de las lenguas, los departamentos de Lengua Castellana, Inglés y Francés se unen en esta …

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The European Union

the-european-union   A powerpoint on the basic role of the EU.    

Bonfire Night with Ellen

Resources for Bonfire night. Label pictures on first Powerpoint slide. Ask the students what they know about Bonfire Night-anything from the tradition to how we celebrate it. Go over the key vocab, try to explain in English first. Watch Horrible Histories video. Get the students to summarise the video, checking they understand the key points. …

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Halloween Class with Ellen

halloween-class halloween-class halloween-story-vocabulary   Hello, I’ve attached a word document and a PDF of the class, which has instructions as well as the resources required. If you want any more information let me know! I’ve also attached a vocabulary sheet which may be useful for some of the older students. They can use it to create …

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