Obituary to Leonard Cohen

On November 7, one of the most relevant and influential singers of the 20th century died.

Leonard Cohen was born on September 21 (1934), he was a Canadian singer, songwriter, poet, novelist, and painter.

His work mostly explored religion, politics, isolation sexuality and personal relationships.

He received a lot of awards like for example: Prince of Asturias in 2011.

Leonard Cohen pursued a career as a poet and novelist during the 1950s and early 1960s, and did not launch a music career until 1967, at the age of 33 years.

His first album, Songs of Leonard Cohen (1967), was followed by three more albums of folk music: “Song from a Room”, “Songs of love and hate” and “New Skin for the old ceremony”.

In 1979 Cohen returned with more traditional songs, which blended his acoustic style witch Jazz and Oriental Mediterranean influences, Hallelujah one of his most famous song was released in 1984.

The album “I’m your man” in 1988 was his most popular one.

Some of the most important songs include: “Dance me to the end of love”, “Suzanne”, “Every body knows”, “First we take Manhattan”, “Take the waltz”.

Cohen died on November 7, 2016 at the age of 82 at his home in Los Angeles; cancer was a contributing cause.

As a tribute to his contribution to art music and poetry we would like to finish with videos of two of his songs, we really like.

We hope you enjoy them.

Andrea Pérez Rivas

Niso Abecasis Barchilón



Christmas Activities


Attached you have:

  • Three video advertisement- Marks and Spencer, Heathrow Airport and Sainsbury´s about Mog the Cat.
  • The cut outs for the ordering the film activity, although I´ll leave these in culture folder in the English office.
  • The activity sheet for Mog´s Christmas Calamity.
  • Lesson instruction pdf, but I have adapted these for class.
  • The lyrics for Mariah Carey´s AlI want for Christmas and the song itself
    Here you can find all the activities for my classes at Christmas.


    Start the class off by showing them the first 10 seconds of Mog´s Christmas Calamity (Sainsbury´s Christmas advert clip attached)

    Tell the Students to answer Question 2 and to come up with ideas in groups of how the cat can ruin Christmas. Then play the rest of the video.  You could also search for videos of cats and Christmas Trees to amuse the Students!

    Ask the Students to look at the vocabulary printed on the back of the sheet and ask them if there is anything they don´t understand. Some of the vocabulary is important in the filmand on the worksheet!

    After you have played the video, give the students the little cards and tell them to put them in order. You may need to play the video again.

    After this, get the students to answer the worksheet in their notebooks, up to Q 13. When they have finished, play the other two adverts-Marks and Spencer and Heathrow Airport and ask the Students which is their favourite advert and why.Try to get them to discuss the importance of Christmas and what Christmas is all about. Discuss common themes between the adverts and how they make the Students feel.

    After this, play ´All I want for Christmas is You´ and let the students have a sing along, using the lyrics printed.

    activity-vocab the-thomas-family-are-asleep-and-dreaming-of-different-things

mogs-christmnas-calamity-lesson-instructions mogs-christmas-calamity


mogs-christmas-calamity mogs-christmnas-calamity-lesson-instructions

the-thomas-family-are-asleep-and-dreaming-of-different-things christmas-sheet-for-children

Christmas Card Competition


Horror Activities on Halloween

Los días 2, 3 y 4 de noviembre llevamos a cabo differentes actividades que siguiendo la tradición de la celebración de Halloween, se realizan como animación a la lectura en la biblioteca de nuestro Centro. Como parte del curriculo integrado de las lenguas, los departamentos de Lengua Castellana, Inglés y Francés se unen en esta ocasión en torno al tema del terror. También se suman a esta bonita iniciativa los alumnos de pláatica de Carmen de la Varga con la elaboración de dibujos que contribuyen a la decoración de la biblioteca. En la biblioteca se creó un ambiente fúnebre, en medio del cual, se han realizado sesiones de “lecturas terroríficas” con distintos grupos de alumnos del centro.

Este año hemos querido hacer especial enfasis en la novela Frankenstein que empezó a escribirse durante el verano boreal de 1816, el año sin verano. Ëste año, el hemisferio norte soportó un largo y frío «invierno volcánico» debido a la erupción del volcán Tambora. Durante este terrible año, Mary Shelley y su marido Percy Bysshe Shelley hicieron una visita a su amigo Lord Byron que entonces residía en Villa Diodati, Suiza. Después de leer una antología alemana de historias de fantasmas, Byron retó a los Shelley y a su médico personal John Polidori a componer, cada uno, una historia de terror. De los cuatro, sólo Polidori completó la historia, pero Mary concibió una idea: esa idea fue el germen de la que es considerada la primera historia moderna de ciencia ficción y una excelente novela de terror gótico.

A continuación mostramos una selección de trabajos realizados por los alumnos.

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The European Union



A powerpoint on the basic role of the EU.



Bonfire Night with Ellen

Resources for Bonfire night.

  1. Label pictures on first Powerpoint slide.
  2. Ask the students what they know about Bonfire Night-anything from the tradition to how we celebrate it.
  3. Go over the key vocab, try to explain in English first.
  4. Watch Horrible Histories video.
  5. Get the students to summarise the video, checking they understand the key points. If not explain to them.
  6. Get the students to fill in the answers to the ‘jigsaw’ worksheet.
  7.  Go to the Comprehension page of the powerpoint to give the students the answers, then get them to fill in the other worksheets using this information.
  8. I’ve finished with what I do on bonfire night, but you can use a game from BBC – here’s the link:




The American experience!

Ángela Gutiérrez y José Ramón Suárez , que junto con Javier Arenas obtuvieron la beca de Amancio Ortega para cursar 1º de bachillerato en USA y Canadá durante el curso 1016-17 nos cuentan su experiencia. Desde aquí los animamos en su andadura y felicitamos una vez más por su valentía.

3º ESO Websites.

As part of one of the units of Technology, the 3º ESO A & B students had to do a website using the WordPress CMS. Here you have the results:

3 ESO A  2016/17

3ºA   Website link
1 MHC Baile Flamenco
2 MPH & IGC Earth Movement
3 YRG Fan Club
4 MML Basketball Style
5 NCC Braids
6 CMZ The Soviet Space Race
7 EPH & VDF The Viola Blog
8 SSA SMILE, the previous band to Queen
9 JGN Football BALLs
10  PGM Dance
11  DJM Paralympic swimming
12  AMZ Sia Fanpage
13 AUP The MOBA House
14 AOR & SSJ RPG World
15  MPOH Hip-Hop academies at Málaga
 16  MSO Belly Dancing
 17 NAG Garden in Handles
18 PCS & J Nazareno de Málaga

Easter of Málaga

19 PLM Eminem Themes
IVZ VoleyBall

3 ESO B   2016-17

3ºB Website link
1 CAA Historia del Automóvil by CAA
2 CRRS Life of Drogba the myth
3  LSV Taekwondo
4  APP Hip Hop
6  JMGC  Tour de France History
7  RDG Isco Live
8 EBT The music and its characteristics
 9  NMM Breakdance
10  LAB Music for all


Goodbye to our dear Laura

Today, it has been a very emotional day. It was Laura`s last day at school and it has been a sad one. We had to say goodbye and that is always painful. Laura has been a reliable member of our staff. She has worked enthusiastically with the teachers and students. We have all enjoyed her sweet  character and her open attitude towards all the mambers at our school. She has been a delight to work with. Laura we all wish you the best for the  future to come and we hope you enjoy life as we have done with you.

Good luck! xxx

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Erasmus+ at our school

Once again we have to congratulate Emilio Guzmán, as the coordinator of the Erasmus+ project  Improving TheTeaching Learning Process At An Entrepreneurial And Sustainable Establishment and the rest of the Erasmus+ team, teachers and students,for the extraordinary work they are doing. sigue leyendo

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