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Information sheet for language assistants

Here you can find some useful information for language assistants. Download: Information sheet. Click on the title of the post to download the information sheet.

Thank you, ELLEN!

31st May was Ellen´s last day at school. Time flies when it comes to say goodbye and it is always sad to have to say goodbye to such a professional reliable person as Ellen. Ellen has worked enthusiastically with the teachers and students. We have all enjoyed her good lessons and presentations on all sort …

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Sonnet 116 Shakespeare

Sonnets Powerpoint explaning Sonnet 116. Was used for Valentine´s Day


El 8 de marzo, fecha en la que se celebra el Día Internacional de la Mujer, los alumnos participaron en una actividad totalmente realizada en inglés por el grupo de 1º de bachillerato bilingüe, y a la que asistieron los alumnos de 1º de bachillerato A-B (no bilingües) y 3ºA (bilingüe). Ellen Davies, nuestra auxiliar …

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Agricultural Landscapes

Powerpoint for Geography on Agricultural Landscapes. Plus word document with Case Studies Agricultural Landscapes agricultural landscapes

Yellowstone National Park

Basic case study and information on Yellowstone National Park Yellowstone National Park

Weather Vocabulary

A powerpoint presentation with vocabulary about the weather. Weather

Christmas Activities

christmas-sheet-for-children Attached you have: Three video advertisement- Marks and Spencer, Heathrow Airport and Sainsbury´s about Mog the Cat. The cut outs for the ordering the film activity, although I´ll leave these in culture folder in the English office. The activity sheet for Mog´s Christmas Calamity. Lesson instruction pdf, but I have adapted these for class. The …

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Christmas Card Competition

The European Union

the-european-union   A powerpoint on the basic role of the EU.    

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