Christmas Activities


Attached you have:

  • Three video advertisement- Marks and Spencer, Heathrow Airport and Sainsbury´s about Mog the Cat.
  • The cut outs for the ordering the film activity, although I´ll leave these in culture folder in the English office.
  • The activity sheet for Mog´s Christmas Calamity.
  • Lesson instruction pdf, but I have adapted these for class.
  • The lyrics for Mariah Carey´s AlI want for Christmas and the song itself
    Here you can find all the activities for my classes at Christmas.


    Start the class off by showing them the first 10 seconds of Mog´s Christmas Calamity (Sainsbury´s Christmas advert clip attached)

    Tell the Students to answer Question 2 and to come up with ideas in groups of how the cat can ruin Christmas. Then play the rest of the video.  You could also search for videos of cats and Christmas Trees to amuse the Students!

    Ask the Students to look at the vocabulary printed on the back of the sheet and ask them if there is anything they don´t understand. Some of the vocabulary is important in the filmand on the worksheet!

    After you have played the video, give the students the little cards and tell them to put them in order. You may need to play the video again.

    After this, get the students to answer the worksheet in their notebooks, up to Q 13. When they have finished, play the other two adverts-Marks and Spencer and Heathrow Airport and ask the Students which is their favourite advert and why.Try to get them to discuss the importance of Christmas and what Christmas is all about. Discuss common themes between the adverts and how they make the Students feel.

    After this, play ´All I want for Christmas is You´ and let the students have a sing along, using the lyrics printed.

    activity-vocab the-thomas-family-are-asleep-and-dreaming-of-different-things

mogs-christmnas-calamity-lesson-instructions mogs-christmas-calamity


mogs-christmas-calamity mogs-christmnas-calamity-lesson-instructions

the-thomas-family-are-asleep-and-dreaming-of-different-things christmas-sheet-for-children

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