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Bonfire Night with Ellen

Resources for Bonfire night. Label pictures on first Powerpoint slide. Ask the students what they know about Bonfire Night-anything from the tradition to how we celebrate it. Go over the key vocab, try to explain in English first. Watch Horrible Histories video. Get the students to summarise the video, checking they understand the key points. …

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Halloween Class with Ellen

halloween-class halloween-class halloween-story-vocabulary   Hello, I’ve attached a word document and a PDF of the class, which has instructions as well as the resources required. If you want any more information let me know! I’ve also attached a vocabulary sheet which may be useful for some of the older students. They can use it to create …

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Goodbye to our dear Laura

Today, it has been a very emotional day. It was Laura`s last day at school and it has been a sad one. We had to say goodbye and that is always painful. Laura has been a reliable member of our staff. She has worked enthusiastically with the teachers and students. We have all enjoyed her …

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Genetically Modified Foods

Bea, our language assistant, presented the history and implications of genetically modified foods to our 1st of Bachillerato bilingual students. Genetically Modified Food from beaescalante

Arizona climate and landscapes

Our language assistant, Bea, shared a presentation about her hometown´s climate and landscapes with out 1st of ESO bilingual students. Arizona climate and landscapes from beaescalante

What I know about my language assistant…

The students of 3rd of ESO were asked to interview this year´s language assistant, Bea, during one of our English classes. Later they were asked to summarize Bea´s answers and create a summary of her life.  After Bea read all the summaries she picked the one that she thought was best one: Student: Alba Perez …

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