The Animal Kingdom

During the second term, the students in first year ESO bilingual have been working on a project called The Animal Kingdom. The subjects participating in this project were: Geography and History, Biology and Geology, Music, English and French.

The students have synthesised the concepts studied in the unit of «Climates and landscapes» through a series of posters done in groups, they have reflected the most important characteristics of the main climates and different habitats of the world. Each group looked at the following elements: temperatures, rainfall, vegetation, fauna, hydrography and location. The informative texts have been completed with a climate graph, a map, photographs and descriptions of animals to illustrate the most relevant aspects of the landscapes shown and the animals and plants living there.

In addition to reinforcing the content studied in class and the English vocabulary corresponding to it, a series of key skills have been developed, especially group work skills, because they had to work together to achieve their goal and assume personal responsibilities wthin the group. The students had to search, process and elaborate on information from different sources.

As a contribution to the integrated unit, Music has worked on the tale «Peter and the Wolf» by the Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev. It is a musical tale in which each instrument of the orchestra represents a character. As an introduction the students have researched a bit more about the life of the composer and they have read the plot. Once finished, they were prepared to do an audiovisual activity in which they identified each instrument with its corresponding character within the orchestra and classified them according to their timbre qualities.

French has contributed to the unit by adding questions to ask the animals, to ascertain basic characteristics such as habitat.

Here are pictures of the students´ final task.




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