Plant Photo Contest

As part of the Global Unit for third year during the second school term, we study Getting to Know our City. We include Biology and Geology, Geography and History, Technology and Music and we have chosen Málaga Park to make our students aware of the richness and diversity of the plants in our city. We decided to hold a photograph contest, so the students could have a stroll in the park, see the different plants and choose the one they liked the most. They took a photograph of the plant and submitted it for the contest and had to research the plant on the internet and write a description of it.

There have been many lovely pictures submitted for the contest, and two of them have been selected, the first prize takes into account the quality of the photograph and has been awarded to Saleta Sánchez Ayerbe, and the second photograph is for the work as a whole, including design and content. The second prize has been awarded to Paula Gutiérrez Montiel.

Well done and congratulations to the two winners!


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