What I know about my language assistant…

The students of 3rd of ESO were asked to interview this year´s language assistant, Bea, during one of our English classes. Later they were asked to summarize Bea´s answers and create a summary of her life.  After Bea read all the summaries she picked the one that she thought was best one:

Student: Alba Perez Mata

What I know about my language assistant

I am going to write about Bea´s life and also her experiences.

Something I know about her is that she´s from Arizona and when she was a child she wanted to be a doctor but she couldn´t because it was very expensive and she didn´t want to be in debt all her life. I also know she has been in Europe, America and Africa. She has been in London and also in Seville for a study abroad program. Bea has also been in Italy but she only visited Rome and she loved Italian culture and food. She has had many wonderful experiences in her life. Finally, she has been to Los Angeles but she didn´t like it because it was so crowded, so it isn´t her favorite place.

And now, she is in Malaga and she loves sea food, so I hope she will say here for a long time.


Bea´s response to Alba: Alba, I really enjoyed reading your summary! I think it was really well written and it covered all the relevant points that we talked about in class.

Bea´s response to the class: I really loved having the opportunity to talk about my life with all of you. It was a great opportunity to get to know each other a little better. I want to thank you all for taking the time to come up with the questions and write a summary about my life I had great fun participating in this activity.

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