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FERIAS de TECNOLOGÍA en Secundaria y Bachillerato

  El 20 de mayo de 2016 será la II Feria Andaluza de Tecnología, Robótica, Ciencia e Innovación. Destinada a alumnos de ESO y Bachillerato. Os ponemos algunas fotos y vídeos de la primera edición que resultó todo un éxito con más de 50 centros participantes de toda Andalucía. Ya podéis iros animando y preparando …

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The Dangers Of Social Media (Child Predator Social Experiment)

¿Cómo de fácil es ganarse la confianza de una chica adolescente en las redes sociales? ¿Se subiría una chica adolescente a un coche con un extraño o que le abriría la puerta de su casa a un desconocido que acaba de conocer unos días antes por alguna de las redes sociales? El youtuber Coby Persin …

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STEM Education

STEM: Science – Technology – Engineering – Math Headmaster of Boston Science Museum explaining why  “Technology” and  “Engineering” have to be at school from primary education and how they did to convince education authorities at USA. You can download the Ioannis Miaoulis STEM Speech Transcription in PDF format. Next one is another STEM School Short …

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Inmersión lingüística 2ºBachillerato

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Arizona climate and landscapes

Our language assistant, Bea, shared a presentation about her hometown´s climate and landscapes with out 1st of ESO bilingual students. Arizona climate and landscapes from beaescalante


  CHRISTMAS AT IES HUELIN   The students from the bilingual group 1º ESO C, have celebrated Christmas at IES Huelin by reading in class the adaptation of the famous work by Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol. After reading the story, they worked in groups selecting the passage they liked most and drawing pictures describing  …

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Humanoid pictures 2º ESO B

The first term of 2014-15, 2º ESO B students were working on the humanoids or puppets you can see in these photos. If you like them, please add comments.

First Term. Final Taks. 4º ESO

After working and studying the global unit “Times of Revolutions”, we have done this final task. The students in group of two or three have done these beautiful time-lines ; there we can see some of the most important and relevant aspects about The American and French Revolutions.

World Food Day 2014_ 3ºESOB

World Food Day is celebrated every year around the world on 16 October in honor of the date of the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 1945. The day is celebrated widely by many other organisations concerned with food security. The students in the bilingual group 3ESO, worked with …

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