3º ESO Websites.

As part of one of the units of Technology, the 3º ESO A & B students had to do a website using the WordPress CMS. Here you have the results:

3 ESO A  2016/17

3ºA   Website link
1 MHC Baile Flamenco
2 MPH & IGC Earth Movement
3 YRG Fan Club
4 MML Basketball Style
5 NCC Braids
6 CMZ The Soviet Space Race
7 EPH & VDF The Viola Blog
8 SSA SMILE, the previous band to Queen
9 JGN Football BALLs
10  PGM Dance
11  DJM Paralympic swimming
12  AMZ Sia Fanpage
13 AUP The MOBA House
14 AOR & SSJ RPG World
15  MPOH Hip-Hop academies at Málaga
 16  MSO Belly Dancing
 17 NAG Garden in Handles
18 PCS & J Nazareno de Málaga

Easter of Málaga

19 PLM Eminem Themes
IVZ VoleyBall

3 ESO B   2016-17

3ºB Website link
1 CAA Historia del Automóvil by CAA
2 CRRS Life of Drogba the myth
3  LSV Taekwondo
4  APP Hip Hop
6  JMGC  Tour de France History
7  RDG Isco Live
8 EBT The music and its characteristics
 9  NMM Breakdance
10  LAB Music for all


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