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Forces and Structures


Start here playing with forces A sort of games

(Connect your earphones)

Build the tallest freestanding structure possible using marshmallows or jelly baby and spaghetti

Spaghetti & Jelly Baby Tower Building Contest

How high can you build a tower from just spaghetti and Jelly Babies? Don’t know? Why not enter the Bentworth Spaghetti Building Contest and win money, a drink and the title of Bentworth’s Spaghetti Tower Champion?

The rules are simple, with a foundation not exceeding an A4 sheet of paper; you must build a tower from just Spaghetti and Jelly Babies. Use the spaghetti for the struts and the Jelly Babies to join the spaghetti ‘beams’ together.

But it’s not that easy!

The construction will have to support and take the weight of a hard-boiled egg!

Who ever builds the highest tower that withstands the egg will become Bentworth’s Spaghetti Tower Champion.  

More detailed info (PDF)

"Spaghetti"EarthQuake  WebQuest

General Vocabulary of the unit
Bridge Puente
Weight Peso
Load Carga
Vibrations Vibraciones
Foundation Cimientos
Beam Viga (de madera, metal u hormigón)
Girder Viga (de acero principalmente)
Section Sección Beams and Sections
Colum Columna
Pillar Pilar
Turn over - fall over Volcar
Stability, equilibrium Estabilidad
Center of gravity Centro de gravedad
Hollow Hueco
Dome Cúpula
Wood Madera
Plastic Plástico
Aluminium Aluminio
Brick Ladrillo
Concrete Hormigón
Iron Hierro
Cast Iron Hierro moldeado
Steel Acero
Jelly Baby Gominola
Marshmallows Nubes
Types of forces  (MORE)  
Stretch Estirar  
Squeeze Comprimir  
Twisting Retorcer  
Bend Flexionar  
Shear Esfuerzo de corte  
Compression Compresión
Tension -> Tracción
Bending Flexión
Sliding Cortadura o Cizalladura
Torsion Torsión

The Basic Bridge Types

Suspension bridge Puente Colgante
Cable Stay Bridge Puente atirantado
Arch Bridge Puente de arco.

Stone Arch Bridge = Arco de piedra

Truss Bridge Puente de celosía o de armadura
Girder Bridge Puente de vigas
Beam Bridge    
Massive Structures Estructuras masivas
Frame structures Estructuras onduladas


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