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Journalistic Writing Competition

The Department of Complementary and Extracurricular Activities (DACE) is calling for the I Journalistic Writing IES Huelin competition. Its main objective is to promote participation and access for students to the contents of the website of the school as well as developing and improving writing skills and journalistic writing. Competition rules: 1. Participants: Any student …

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Inmersión lingüística 2ºBachillerato

        For more information go to the following link:: http://lnx.educacionenmalaga.es/bilinguismo/2015/03/16/convocatoria-de-inmersion-linguistica-para-bachillerato-y-otras-ensenanzas/#sthash.k2RBUVZ3.dpbs    

Inmersión Lingüística 1º y 2º ESO

                For more information go to: http://lnx.educacionenmalaga.es/bilinguismo/2015/03/31/campamentos-de-inmersion-linguistica-para-1o-y-2o-eso/#sthash.TMiHbXKD.dp  

Inmersión lingüistica 1º y 2º ESO

inmersión lingüistica 1º y 2º ESO

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  CHRISTMAS AT IES HUELIN   The students from the bilingual group 1º ESO C, have celebrated Christmas at IES Huelin by reading in class the adaptation of the famous work by Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol. After reading the story, they worked in groups selecting the passage they liked most and drawing pictures describing  …

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Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day was held at IES Huelin during the week of November 26th.This activity is part of a series of activities planned by the bilingual project coordinator to publicize the culture of the English-speaking world. Beatriz Escalante, our language assistant from Arizona, unveiled a typical festivity in the United States. Beatriz explained to the students …

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World Food Day 2014_ 3ºESOB

World Food Day is celebrated every year around the world on 16 October in honor of the date of the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 1945. The day is celebrated widely by many other organisations concerned with food security. The students in the bilingual group 3ESO, worked with …

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