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Genetically Modified Foods

Bea, our language assistant, presented the history and implications of genetically modified foods to our 1st of Bachillerato bilingual students. Genetically Modified Food from beaescalante

Arizona climate and landscapes

Our language assistant, Bea, shared a presentation about her hometown´s climate and landscapes with out 1st of ESO bilingual students. Arizona climate and landscapes from beaescalante

History of Thanksgiving

Our language assistant, Bea, shared the history and meaning for this very important American holiday with our bilingual students. History of Thanksgiving from beaescalante

History of Halloween

This year´s language assistant, Bea, shared with the IES Huelin bilingual students the history and meaning of Halloween in the United States.   Thanksgiving in America from beaescalante

What I know about my language assistant…

The students of 3rd of ESO were asked to interview this year´s language assistant, Bea, during one of our English classes. Later they were asked to summarize Bea´s answers and create a summary of her life.  After Bea read all the summaries she picked the one that she thought was best one: Student: Alba Perez …

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